George in Brazil 1979

Luiz Lennon My friend George Harrison

It all started when the interview with Emerson Fitipaldi in our fanzine December 1978, was raised the hypothesis of George Harrison coming to Brazil to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix on 04.02.1979.
The Anxiety see a Beatle in
Brazilian land was immense. And time passed until the big day.
News confirming, denying others and increasing anxiety, alternating with the joy and sorrow of the coming of the cancellation of the trip to Brazil.
I had driven all possible contacts in listening to discover the truth, and, after an agonizing wait was confirmado.George come to an RJ on January 31, 1979.
George arrived at the Concorde RIVER 16 o'clock and went straight to the home of millionaire Jorge Guinle. When descending in RIO, a small crowd of fans started screaming and scared George asked if BEATLEMANIA still alive in Brazil.
On 1/2/79 George arrived with Jackie Stewart in the HILTON HOTEL SP, and there was no one waiting for you, because its coming was completely hidden, and even the media knew disso.George thought would totally unnoticed in SP and could walk the streets unmolested.
On 2/2/79 in the morning was just the Interlagos circuit, watch the drills and was interviewed by TV Globo.
Upon returning to the hotel ace 15 hours, there was the personal Beatles Cavern Club will hold it.,
People who were with me that day were:
Mario Arbach, Eugenia Ramirez, Atrid and Marco Antonio today in fanclub Revolution.
Now you guys imagine our joy because dream is one thing, now being face to face is indescribable, it gives trembling legs.
On site were equipped with camera, recorder, and Print magazines.
I was talking with a friend at the door of the hotel when they suddenly pulled a taxi-yellow Volkswagen Beetle, leaving the inside George and Jackie.,
It was a general rush.
To control the situation, Eugenia and a couple of strength and addressed to George during the compliments and kisses, preaparamos the recorder, photographic machine and the material will be autographed.
At that time George had not autographed nothing beatles still on our first day, we deliver a shirt all the fan club and received autographs ..

In another moment I will continue to speak of the coming of George to Brazil.
In our contact each of us had a role.
I ran the camera and the few amateur photos were taken by me.
Marco Antonio was with a tape recorder and ask to record what was possible.
The Mario Arbach helped us carry the stuff across.
Few people will not call for attention.
The Eugenia Ramirez, the Atrid Fortaleza and other people we met at the hotel.

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